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Welcome to New Song Church and Ministries!

New Song is a revival church deeply rooted in the REVELATION OF THE FATHER’S LOVE and touched by the worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit that began in 1994. We love the Presence of God and pursue the heart of the Father through intimacy with Jesus, passionate worship and a culture of honor. In so doing, we seek to prophetically impact our city, our nation and the world to change lives and affect cultures for Jesus.

Our Worship

At New Song we remain committed to deep and genuine extended worship of the Living God with excellence and without compromise. Those who worship must worship in Spirit and truth (John 4:23-24).  Take a little time to bless the Lord. Take a little more time to experience Him. But you won’t find this a traditional experience. It’s a lot more interesting than that! We worship in a free and unique, informal and contemporary style (a little rock ‘n’ roll, a little blues, a little jazz, and some of our own musical influences) in the midst of which the Lord always shows up in power.

View a video of our worship:  WORSHIP CLIP

Not Formal

Come as you are and you’ll be loved. We are young and old, single and married, well-off and struggling, a mix of races, nationalities and education levels. In fact, in many ways we’re probably not like anything you’ve seen before.


We place  a high value on receiving the Father’s love and giving it away, intimacy with God in worship and intercession, outreach in evangelism and mission, and on renewing the body of Christ in the power of the Spirit. In 1996 the earnest prayers of the core of our congregation were answered when the Spirit of God began to fall on us in revival. We have never been the same.  Never more in love with Jesus.  Never more filled with passion for Him.  Never so filled with the Father’s love. Never have we seen more miracles occur.  Lives have been dramatically changed at a pace we have never before witnessed.  Worship moved from a somewhat reserved contemporary musical event to a wonderful outpouring of freedom, passion and love for Jesus.  We will never go back.  Together we cry, “More Lord!” and no mater how often we pray, we mean it with all our hearts.

Since our founding, we have grown, matured, developed, added staff and become a people bonded to one another and to our Lord Jesus Christ in the Father’s love. The future holds wonder things! From the start it was our desire to become a people of mercy and compassion, doing something different to add to the body of Christ in this metro area. We are well on our way. We hope and pray you sense an invitation personally to do something new in the Lord here. Many have already come here looking for a new start, a place to grow or to heal. Testimonies tell us they’ve found it.

New Song Church and Ministries – Main Sanctuary

We look forward to you visiting us soon!

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