Presence based. Worship at New Song is no in-and-out affair but lasts as long as it takes to open us up the to real presence of God. It's not a formula and it's not a program. We are contemporary in style in order that we might speak a language the current culture understands.  


Freedom for God to move. We want to allow for God to do things "out of the box". Leadership must sometimes simply flow with the direction His Spirit has taken. At times this can be messy, but it's always glorious. This culture hungers for genuine encounters with the power and love of God. Words alone will not do.  


We value all the gifts of the Spirit. These are power tools for delivering the Father's love and making it effective. Our focus, however, is not on spiritual gifts or supernatrual experiences, but on intimacy with Jesus.


A culture of honor. Honor by definition assigns worth, value and significance to people. We seek to do this for everyone who comes to us, no matter their condition, station in life or appearance. Relational love stands at the heart of the kingdom of God. 


A healing atmosphere. We seek create an atmosphere of such love and acceptance fed by the Presence of God that lives are restored and changed just by being part of it. We work diligently at a variety of ministries for healing emotions, physical bodies and our spirits as well.


We value revival. We want to see the Spirit of God released in power on this earth and in our midst.


People first. After the Lord, we seek to put the needs of people before all else.


Good shepherding gives the sheep that which is their own. We want to call forth the visions in the hearts of our people and then enable them to do them. We want to enable entrepreneurial Christians to creat and pursue the ministries of their dreams.


We pastor rather than govern. We reject domination and control in any form. We pastor problems, we don't control behavior. For freedom Christ has set us free.


We value the young and the old together. Malachi 4:5-6, the hearts of the fathers restored to the children and the children to the fathers.

WE BELIEVE in God the Father, from whom all things come, in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord, and in the Holy Spirit, one God in three Persons, indivisible. By the Father we are perfectly loved. By the Son, born of virgin, fully God and fully man, are we brought to salvation. By the Holy Spirit are we divinely indwelt. God omniscient, almighty, and infinite, yet personal. His very nature is the essence of love. His Abba (Daddy). He is sovereign and active today in fullness of power.


WE BELIEVE that man as created in God's image is a fellowship of two, male and female, equal under authority. We are wonderfully and fearfully made, designed for fellowship with the Creator as creatures both fully physical and fully spiritual. By the willful rebellion of our race, each of us is shattered in every good capacity. All of us have sinned. Each of us needs the Savior desperately, and by choosing Him, each one is redeemed.


WE BELIEVE the Bible to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God, which alone is binding on all the church for all of time. It is eternal, living and active, spiritual food for the spiritual man. It is the absolute description of the spiritual law of the universe, the way reality acdtually works. As such it is infallible and sufficient for matters of life, faith and practice.


WE BELIEVE salvation to be by the name of Jesus alone. The inevitable consequence of the sin of which all of us partake is death and broken relationship with God both here and in the hereafter. By His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, the God-man Jesus Christ, who was the propitiation for our sin took our death on Himself. He died, was buried, descended into hell (I Peter 3:18-19), and was resurrected in the body on the third day, according to the Scriptures. He ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. By His death we are forgiven. By His resurrection we are given new life that we might again have fellowship with Him. This salvation begins in the present for the healing of both body and spirit and will be completed in the resurrection at the last day when He returns to judge the living and the dead and to receive His people to Himself.


THE CHURCH is Christ's body, His bride, composed of all those who acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior and who have committed to serve Him in love. It is called by Him to proclaim the gospel, to make disciples, to serve and obey Him in all His Word. It is a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, an organism endowed with power to do His work by virtue of the coming of the Spirit on the whole church on the day of Pentecost.


WE RECOGNIZE two sacraments - baptism and the Lord's Supper - while affirmed the sacred character of every other act of the body of Christ.


WE AFFIRM the ancient creeds of Christian faith.




Full time in ministry since 1976. B.A. in music from the College of Idaho and a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Seminary, 1976. Author, songwriter, worship leader and traveling conference speaker. Widely respected as a prophetic voice. Married to Beth since 1972. Three grown children and 10 granchildren. Passion for worship and for seeing people in love with God and living whole and fulfilling lives with Him. Puts a really bad joke in the announcement video every week!

Nathan's passion and gifting for youth and young adults is unmatched and he has dedicated his life to fulfilling. He shares Pastor Loren's love of worship and preaches and leads worship in rotation for the adult congregation every 4th Sunday. B.A. in psychology and a masters degree from Denver Seminary in youth and family ministry. Nathan has five incredible children with his wife Mindy, who also serves in various ministries.



Senior pastor's wife, same kids, same grandkids. Leads in many areas, including children's ministry which she directs, worship and pastoral counseling. Plays several instruments and gives voice lessons to members for free. Preaches occasionally. Has written a book called "Living with Dad" and recorded a CD of worship. Fills her house with nicknacks. Keeps Loren sane.





On our paid staff since 1996. Has been developing our missions outreaches and community impact since 2002, giving away tons of food and clothing to the needy of our community, taking teams to help out with other outreach agencies in the city and developing strong ties to ministries on Native American reservations. With his wife he oversees Healing Encounter Weekends. Married to Inez. Grown kids. Grandfather.








Served with us as a counselor for a number of years before assuming the full time position in 2010. Prior to that she served as our executive secretary so she's been lighting up the office for a long time. Oversees all the various aspects of our inner healing ministry which we call "Transformations". Married to Bill. Three grown children and two grandchildren.

Currently part time, we'll move Iris up to full time as soon as we can! Part of our church for many years, she joined the staff in 2010. Two grown children and four grandchildren.

B.S. in business administration. Has been on our staff since 1996. Works hard to keep the staff in line whenever we need money. Plays piano on the worship team. Single mother with two kids, on grown and one still in high school.

Denver, Colorado -  Senior Pastor R.Loren Sandford - Co-Pastor Nathan Sandford