All of God’s children are important to us and so we have unique programs in place to meet the needs of all ages.


The nursery is open during the morning and evening church services and is staffed by volunteer church members. Because we understand how precious your child is to you, we carefully screen our volunteers and work to maintain a pleasant, fun and clean environment.

Sunday Morning (10 a.m.) – nursery is for 0-2 years of age.

Sunday Evening (6 p.m.) – nursery is for 0-starting kindergarten.  Once in kindergarten they are with their parents.

Children’s Ministry – “A Child’s Song”

2 years old to 5th grade – A Child’s Song runs concurrently with Sunday morning services for adults.

Our children’s ministry offers both classroom teaching and an exciting large group experience.  Classrooms are divided by age group and give the kids an opportunity to be with others of their age as our gifted teachers teach the Scriptures. In the large group time everyone comes together – teachers, helpers and children from all the various age groups.  The large group is led by various inspired leaders who emphasize different areas, such as music, listening to God, receiving prophetic words, ministering in all of the gifts, basic Christianity, evangelism, how to pray for others and praying for healing and
miracles.  We believe children are just as capable of flowing in the Holy Spirit as are adults. In fact, we periodically bring the children into the main service to minister in healing prayer for the adult congregation. Miracles have resulted!  Our children also participate in seasonal dramatic musicals.

Breakfast is served to the kids prior to classroom time.  Please check in by 9:50 a.m. and pick up your child no later than 12:15 p.m.



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