Youth WorshipMany of our youth have been deeply touched by revival.  That fire shows in the way they minister among the adults as members of the ministry team at our services and it shows in their heart for outreach.  They’ve done trans-local missions to inspire other youth groups in other cities, as well as witnessing on the streets and in their schools. A team of them take food and other items to the homeless on the streets downtown – on their own initiative! It shows in their love for Jesus and in the unrestrained power of their worship.


FollowMeThe rain comes before a flood.  THE RAIN is for youth in middle school 6th through 8th grade.  This group meets Sunday mornings just after worship and interfaces some with the Thursday night high school group.   The focus of this group is to equip and raise middle school students to overcome the obstacles of the world and to learn to walk in the character and nature of Jesus.  Every Sunday students go over specific verses in the Bible to help make them strong with the Word of God.  Once a year, The Rain goes on a camping trip to Wellington Lake.  Students also participate in community service projects.



“To win the heart of our King and reach a generation with it!”

THE FLOOD is a group for youth in the 9th through 12th grade age group. The Flood’s main meeting is on Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 9 or 10 p.m., with outreaches, fun nights and youth gatherings planned on different nights throughout the week. The youth room opens at approximately 4 p.m. every Thursday for games, counsel, mentoring, and Bible studies.


Over the years I have written many of these “mini blogs” to be posted on the part of our church website that is dedicated to our youth. Most of the time the blogs reflected a recent revelation, what was going on in our group at the time, or just an inspiring word I felt I should share. But now, after 16 years of working with youth, I think I have become content with simplicity. I could list all the things we do in our group, our dreams for the future, or share a word about what I felt God was saying. Or I could be content to let anyone know who makes it to this page that all we are about is His love. Whether a young person comes from a broken background, a solid home, or something in between, our goal is to die to self that Christ’s love may live in us. Our call as a ministry is both to love all who enter and to give them the path that will make them lovers of God and all those He died to save. So if you are a young person or an adult or parent responsible for one, if they come to our group they will be loved and offered an avenue to love. Broken hearts, humble spirits, and fire for Him are all that we are.



It is time for this generation to increase, to take its rightful place in the kingdom, and see heaven come to earth. Recently, the Lord has changed our entire way of thinking. Our destiny is heaven, our mission is to bring heaven to earth. A little while ago, the Lord led me to the passage in Ezekiel about dead bones rising from the ashes to form powerful soldiers and people of true power and love. God is going to raise a dead generation, and it is upon us now. Iranaeus once said, “The glory of God is man fully alive,” and in these last days we are being led to bring life that they may have it to the fullest. Watch out, for the entire expression of Christianity is about to change in one generation, and just before the end, light will rule. –Pastor, Nathan Sandford


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