Beth and I planted New Song 26 and a half years ago. We had no support and no organization behind us. We started from nothing. We had left a very bad situation with a church where I had served for 14 months as executive pastor and I really wanted to leave Denver. As a result of many prophetic words from a host of prophetic people, we were convinced to stay and plant. Not wanting to draw from the church we left, we decided to take three months to let the dust settle and so that no one would come to us in reaction to anything that had gone on in the previous church. We then asked God for an unmistakable sign that this was the path we should take.


At a conference in Vermont where I was speaking just before my formal resignation took effect, people began to spontaneously donate to us, not even knowing why. It gave us the three months income we needed, plus money to purchase the first sound system. A dozen people had asked to know what we were doing and where we were going as soon as we knew. We invited those dozen - and only those dozen - to a series of meetings in the middle of the three months. We wanted to see if we were really a church and seek further confirmation. Seventy people showed up.


We opened to the public at the three month mark and were able to lease a fulltime facility the second week after we opened. A year later, a group of investors offered us a facility already built out for a church that would seat 600, located in the corner unit of a strip mall. We would have the facility for free while the rents on the other units paid for it. I turned it down because it was too close to the church we had left and I did not want to do that to that pastor. We therefore moved far north, and the rest is history.


At no time did we ask anyone from that previous church to join us, nor did any of those who came with us ask anyone. This would have been immoral and unethical. All those who joined us had already left weeks and months before. God has sustained us through the years. Now as of May 2019, we are rebuilding our foundations and, for all practical purposes, starting our church all over again. God is with us. I count five miraculous physical healings from the last four weeks alone and I believe an acceleration is coming. The Spirit of the Lord is falling on us afresh and we have been set free. God is good. I LOVE MY CHURCH!