Full time in ministry since 1976. B.A. in music from the College of Idaho and a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Seminary, 1976. Loren has served on multiple national committees and oversees/advises multiple pastors internationally. His heart is to father a generation of believers and leaders to walk in integrity and in the power of the kingdom of God. Author of multiple books, songwriter, worship leader and traveling conference speaker. Widely respected as a prophetic voice but sees his first best calling as a pastor to people. Deep in the Father's heart. Married to Beth since 1972. Three grown children and 10 granchildren, plus one more on the way. Passion for worship and for seeing people in love with God and living whole and fulfilling lives with Him. Puts a really bad joke in the announcement video every week!



Nathan's passion and gifting for youth and young adults is unmatched and he has dedicated his life to fulfilling that call. Revival follows him everywhere he goes. In the ups and downs of youth ministry he has often led our youth group as the largest youth group in the state as well as those seasons when it was smaller. In every setting, lives are redeemed and destinies are set. He shares Pastor Loren's love of worship and preaches and leads worship in rotation for the adult congregation every 4th Sunday. Although focusing on youth and young adults, he is respected by the older congregation on a par with his father, Loren. B.A. in psychology and a masters degree from Denver Seminary in youth and family ministry. Nathan has five incredible children (one more due in January, 2018) with his wife Mindy, who also serves in various ministries.



Senior pastor's wife, same kids, same grandkids. Leads in many areas, including children's ministry (which she directs), worship and pastoral counseling for which she trained under her father-in-law, John Sandford, founder of Elijah House. Heads up Lighthouse Women. Plays several instruments and gives voice lessons to members for free, having been trained professionally as a vocal music major in college. Preaches occasionally. Handles many things husband Loren doesn't want to! Has written a book called "Living with Dad" and recorded a CD of worship. Fills her house with knicknacks and our church with joy. Keeps Loren sane.



On our paid staff since 1996. Has been developing our missions outreaches and community impact since 2002, giving away tons of food and clothing to the needy of our community, taking teams to help out with other outreach agencies in the city and developing strong ties to ministries on Native American reservations. Ray has a tremendously giving heart and gift for finding resources and opening doors to new relationships in ministry in various places. With his wife he oversees Healing Encounter Weekends. Married to Inez. Grown kids. Grandfather.



Inez is married to our missions pastor Ray Saragosa. She holds a degree from Denver's Metro State University and worked for many years with the Thornton, Colorado police department as a victim advocate. For a number of years she has developed and led our Healing Encounter Weekends and is well versed in both Elijah House principles and Restoring the Foundations. She and Ray have several chidren and many grandchildren. Although Inez has been with us as long as her husband, she is new to our staff as of June, 2017.



B.S. in business administration. Has been on our staff since 1996. Works hard to keep the staff in line whenever we need money. Scrupulously diligent and honest. Plays piano on the worship team. Single mother with two kids, one grown and one still in high school.



Currently part time, we'll move Iris up to full time as soon as we can! Part of our church for many years, she joined the staff in 2010. Two grown children and four grandchildren.

About our staff:

Every one of our staff has been with us for a long time, some as long as 18 to 19 years. Stability lends dependabiity to the ministry. Our highest commitment and aspiration as individual people is to conform to the image of the Son. We value the trust our people grant to us and we know that to earn that trust we must reflect the nature of our Lord and walk by the highest standards of morality and integrity. Each of us cherishes truth-speaking. We need to hear from our people, even when it makes us uncomfortable. We want to walk in the heart of Father God and we long for all to feel safe with us. And we want to know you!