This is the group for youth 9th GRADE THROUGH AGE 20. Thursday nights the youth room opens at approximately 4:00 for games and fellowship. The meeting starts around 6:30 and can go until 9:00 or 10:00.  Other events happen during the week. On Sunday mornings youth have their own meeting following worship in the main sanctuary. At least once a year the group travels for a conference and comes home fired up for Jesus!


Where’s the More

God has designed our youth group not for those who are satisfied, but for those who want more. Our Thursday night youth ministry was born not for the full, but for the hungry. Some people really love vanilla. To them, vanilla is all they ever need. But we wonder is there something else? Is what the Bible describes as encounter and love with Jesus real and for now? We are always asking the question, “Is there more, God?” And we work under the assumption that the book of Acts pushes us to know—that there must be more. And sometimes it can be very painful to ask this question. Like those who would believe for a miracle and seek to do the impossible, sometimes it seems like the let downs far outweigh the breakthroughs. But for those of us wrecked by even the idea that Christianity could be more than 50 minutes on a Sunday morning and a $20 tithe, we cannot stop. There is something deeper than us drawing a wealth of “more” from the deep wells of our spirits. There is something deeper than the culture that surrounds us, and deeper than our questions, disappointments, fears, failures, and inadequacies. It keeps pulling us onward in the face of all the pain, in the midst of all the darkness, and in midst of the accusations and misunderstandings of lukewarm Christianity.

So without judgment and without arrogant assumptions of others, we press on. Unashamed and not afraid to seek the impossible and be all we can be in Him, we strive on with any tool we know that can bring glory to God and freedom to a generation. So maybe we are the weird ones. Maybe we are the ones who make others uneasy by stirring up long held pots of stable religion. But we can’t stop being us. We are standing on the threshold of “the more, “ and we cannot back down now. It’s His love that is pushing us forward, and it’s His love that we will become.

So don’t be ashamed of being different. Don’t be ashamed that you want more when others around you seem satisfied. Don’t be put down because your priorities and things that drive you differ radically from those around you. Don’t think that you have to conform to the mean and the common. Jesus our Lord did not conform to the norm, but he wrote a new normal for us to enter into. And it is His normal for which we hunger. “Turn us into liquid love, God. And let us bring an awakening to this generation.”


OK, you'll have to come find out what that name is about. This is the group for MIDDLE SCHOOL 6th-8th GRADES. They meet Sunday mornings following worship in the main sanctuary and often interface with THE FLOOD. There are also  special events outside of regular meeting times. Several times a year they engage in service projects and once a year they go on a camping trip.  

SPECIAL TRIPS happen at least once a year. This one has the group getting ready to leave for FASCINATE, the youth conference at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.


is a centerpiece of youth ministry at New Song. The presence of God flows through it in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

THE FATHER'S HEART is everything that we're about. While many of our youth come from loving families, many others come to us from situations of abandonment and even abuse. Youth receive a revelation of the Father's love and they minister that to one another in a culture of acceptance and unconditional love. Lives are dramatically changed and great destinies are loosed as youth, no matter what their backgrounds, find purpose and direction for life. This generation is set to change the world!